Blind Guardian Lyrics Cheatsheet


Blind Guardian - An Extraordinary Tale

So you’re about to attend a Blind Guardian show. But there is a problem: you haven’t memorized all the lyrics yet and you do not want to look like a newbie at the gig.

Fear not! Here is a cheatsheet to help you learn what you absolutely need to know before the show in order to not feel like a complete fraud amoung the crowd of fans who are going to sing all the lyrics (including the verses).

You can print this cheatsheet and keep it on in your pocket or your wallet at all time. Or save it on your phone and consult it discreetly at the beginning of each song to make sure you’re going to perfectly follow along the set. You’ll even be prepared in case you unexpectedly need to sing the Bard’s Song, like at your band next sound check because the singer and the guitar player decided so (true story).

But first, let’s go through a few tips to help you understand the spirit of most Blind Guardian anthems.

For a start, singing along the chorus will be enough, so we’ll stick to it in this cheatsheet. Sure, trve fans will know more, way more. In time you’ll level up your game. But for now: stick to the chorus.

The keen ear will quickly notice that most choruses repeat the same lyrics at least twice. This saves you some work. It also means that if you’re caught having forgotten the lyrics, you have a chance to catch them mid-way: Hansi is great at articulating, so you’ll likely be able to finish singing the chorus with everyone else.

If your memory fails you, do not despair. Stay brave and strong until the end of the song, and nobody will notice!

The other good news is that the vocabulary that Hansi uses is pretty consistent thematically. There will be tales of doomed fate, songs of dark times, legends involving blood and hopes lyings somehwere at the top of a hill, and some battle along the way. When in doubt, you can always sing along the melody and place a “Mordor” (rhymes with “Noldor”) whenever possible.


Only learn part of the chorus which consists of a few words, ideally the same as the title.

Welcome to Dying
Welcome to Dying


Imaginations from the other side
Imaginations from the other side


One or two short sentences that are repeated.

The Lord of the Rings
Slow down and I sail on the river
Slow down and I walk to the hill

Valhall, deliverance
Why’ve you ever forgotten me.

Quietly it crept in and changed us all.
Immortal land lies down in agony.

Into The Storm
And we’re following the will of the one
Through the dark age and into the storm
Lord I’m mean

Traveler in Time
Traveler in Time
Knowing that there's no rhyme


You got some training, you’re now ready to tackle more advanced sentences. They’re still repeated twice during a chorus, so you’ll have several chances to get them right.
And let’s be honest, if you miss a few words in the middle, nobody around will notice – just keep a straight face and pretend you pronounce everything.

Time Stands Still At The Iron Hill
The fate of us all
Lies deep in the dark
When time stands still at the iron hill

Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror on the wall
True hope lies beyond the coast
You’re a damned kind, can’t you see
that the winds will change.

I know
Where the stars glow
Sky’s unclouded
Sweet the water runs my friend
Blood is your hand
Tears unumbered
You will shed and dwell in pain


Paradoxically, level 3 is where you might want to start. Indeeed, there is one song you will have no choice but to learn as a whole, including verses and post-chorus.
Find the version you like best, write a cover yourself, do what you need but you will have to memorize the complete lyrics. Because on this one, Hansi will expect highly of you and you will get disappointed looks from both the band and your friends if you do not live up the their expectations.

The Bard’s Song

Every other song in Blind Guardian discography.

And then what’s next?

There are plenty of lyrics videos.
Organize a Blind Guardian karaoke with your friends.
Start a cover band.
Sing along while reading The Lord of the Rings.
Incorporate Blind Guardian into every aspect of your life and, soon, you’ll be a worthy Blind Guardian fan walking on Middle-Earth.

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