Photograph by Justine Darmon.
Wohosheni is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, self-producer and visual artist based in Paris, France.

Delivering an emotional dark rock/metal experience with post rock influences, she releases her debut album “One Shard at a Time” as a one-woman band in 2024.

Wohosheni is a word coming from the fictional langage of Láadan invented by linguist and science-fiction author Suzette Haden Elgin. It means “to feel part of someone or something without reservations or barriers; to feel joined to.

Building her artistic universe through both musical and visual creations, Wohosheni seeks to explore and share intimate emotions through the chiaroscuro of the highs and the lows, the light and the dark.

Her music is influenced by the bright and melancholic british rock vibrations of Anathema and Marillion, the raw heaviness of post rock/metal bands like Khoma, and darker shades of black metal.

She’s previously been a drummer playing with several folk, rock and metal bands.

Expanding the use of her musical gear to excavate her own visual world, Wohosheni replaces air vibration with water diffusion to bring music into visual shapes. Picking guitar strings on paper, hitting ink with drums sticks to build The Silent Score, she explored cymbal inner vibrations for One Shard at a Time visuals.

As a writer and visual artist, her research and creative work revolve around music, metal and feminist & queer topics.

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Writings, collaborations, research



  • ‘Data Drag’, an art project about Queer theory and Information Technology in collaboration with designer and researcher John Philip Sage. Work displayed in the ‘Art + Data’ Exhibition at Mozilla Festival 2018, in London (catalogue). 2018

  • Creation and curation of the first “Queering MozFest Experience” at Mozilla Festival, London. 2018




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