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Album: One Shard at a Time


Exploring themes of self-destruction, isolation, obsession and remembrance,
“One Shard at a Time” is a collection of broken pieces
about grieving the past and accepting to let it go.

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All instruments, vocals and lyrics: Wohosheni

Recorded at home between March and July 2023.
Drums recorded at Le Plan, Ris-Orangis in March 2023, sound engineering by Laurent Guigonnet.
Production and mixing: Wohosheni
Mastering: Mike Indovina
Design & Art: Wohosheni

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“One Shard at a Time” also comes as a CD and a 12-page printed booklet including lyrics and selected artwork.

The booklet is included as a PDF bonus with the digital version of the album on Bandcamp.

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Picture at the top by Justine Darmon.


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