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Women Doing It All in One-Woman Black Metal Bands

Why would black metal have a special place in metal when it comes to solo female artists producing their own music?

Black metal has an unsual number of one-women black metal bands. By expliciting the conditions and positive factors empowering women to own the creative process of black metal music, my hope is to pinpoint elements that female artists could reproduce or subvert in other metal subgenres.

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Part 1: Women in Metal Music Production
   ‘Just’ the Singer?
    The Invisible Producer
Part 2: The ‘Revolutionary Art’ Of Women Self-Producing Black Metal
    The ‘Routes into’ Black Metal
    Breaking Out of the Patriarchal Control Room
    Escaping Gender Marking?
Conclusion: Doing-It-Yourself Or ‘Doing-It-Alone’?



38 pages
dimensions: 14.8 x 20.9 cm
weight: 82g
Printed on 90g Fabriano paper
Original black ink linocut printed on 250g paper
Cover with tracing paper and transparent paper
Binded with beewaxed linen thread.
First edition and first series published in February 2023.

This text is the result of personal independent research.
I love reading words while enjoying the touch and feel of paper fiber – and I am a big collector of books. At the same time, I believe knowledge and thought-provoking content should be easily accessible as much as possible.

That’s why this text is available both online in open access and as a carefully handcrafted book edition.

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The Feb 2023 series was handcrafted while listening to:

Silent Whale Become A Dream - North EP ︎
Insomnium - Heart Like a Grave ︎
Hangman’s Chair - A Loner ︎
Tómarúm - Ash in Realms of Stone Icons ︎


This section is listing solo female metal artists I didn’t know about* at the time I wrote this text. Check them out, they’re great! Sarah Longfield (progressive metal) ︎

* do not hesitate to send me any artist you might know!


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