December 11th, 2023

New Video Clip & Single Release: “Old Fashioned”


today I’m happy to introduce you to my second single and video clip “Old Fashioned”!

I composed this song in a week back in May 2022, as part of an online course I was following about self-production, made by Andrew Huang. The challenge was to compose and produce three songs in a month – and all three songs ended up in some shape or another on my album One Shard at a Time. Yesterday, I went back in the classroom chat looking for the first message I had written when sharing that song and it said: “Ok, here it is. I must say, I find it hard to share a track with unfinished work on the vocals ^^ I haven’t added the drums yet, but there’ll be some, especially when the saturation section kicks in. I’m not sure about some parts of the lyrics yet, it will need some refinement here and there.
I remember feeling so anxious about sharing this first demo to perfect strangers. But it clicked with me and the song didn’t change a lot between that time and the moment I recorded the final version last summer.

“Old Fashioned” is this passage where the story and the feelings are getting old and yet they keep coming back at me, again and again as if they’re never going to run dry.

Around the same time than I was composing this song, summer was kicking in early and I was experimenting at home with making alcohol free cocktails. As I was looking for a theme or some sort of image for my lyrics, the flavours and taste of one of my favourite drinks came up. Alcohol can hold that sort of sophisticate appeal to me. I know it had the power to mask the real ‘why’ of the drinking too.

“Old Fashioned” is for when things need to be remembered in order to be allowed to grow old. And to be let go. This is the Shard of Grief.

You can find it online on Youtube, Bandcamp and your favorite music platform.




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