October 13th, 2023

First Video Clip & Single Release: introducing “Ravens”


today, I’m releasing my first single and video clip, “Ravens”: https://wohosheni.com/music.

There’s always been something that bothered me when I’m writing lyrics or painting or do anything creative: I’m looking inward. It seems that I can’t write political lyrics, paint socially aware pictures. Writing politically and socially conscious essays is easier. It flows out. But when I feel anger and sadness and joy, then I’m going to write from an inward position, about something intimate.

What is the meaning of that art? After 2 years focused on composing, recording and mixing my debut album “One Shard a a Time”, I’m drawned back to these questions as I’m finally introducing my work publicly. How should I present it? In many ways, this is a classic, simple ‘break-up album’. And that is something I’m uneasy with. In truth, I’m feeling reticense in digging into what this music means to me, for it connects to deep emotions of vulnerability, feeling of longing and joy.

When I wrote this music, I was in places where I felt hattered, overwhelmed by shame, sadness, melancholy, anger. When I recorded it, it was me desperatly trying to connect and heal. Each hign note I sing in this album has been a struggle to get. Came out after cries and cough and tight throat unwilling to let it out.

What I present to you today is the result of this journey. Living in conflict with a desire to achieve an unreachable perfection that would hide, protect or deflect the emotions that I so desperatly tried to reach out and let go.

“One Shard at a Time”: each song of this album is a shard, a piece of myself, raw, not always beautiful, never perfect, small and big and shiny and broken. I’ve picked them, one by one: looked at them, manipulated them, felt them, trying to speak their truth even when hard to spit out.

Unconciously, I chose “Ravens”, the Shard of Shame as my introduction to my music. Not a coincidence. “Ravens” has been one of the first songs I composed. It’s the first song I recorded the vocals for, the first song I mixed. As if, by releasing it first, I wanted to tackle the most difficult obstacle to overcome in order to move on: for shame is paralysing, dragging down, coloring everything in a deep black obscurity where all hope is gone. But hope there is.

By showing my shame first, I show what I feel is the worst of me, of what I felt. This is frightening and at the same time, it is very alive. I love metal for that: for the intensity it provides. I sure felt the roller-coaster during the making of this album. It’s not perfect. I learned a lot, song after song. All I wish for is to be able to keep creating and improving my craft for transmitting what I feel the best I can.

One step at a time. One Shard at a Time.

Thank you for accompany me on this journey.



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