May 5th, 2023

Ghost Notes Series

I've spent the last month experimenting with guitar strings, picks and drum sticks. Not to compose and record music as I've been doing for the past months, but to manipulate water and ink into patterns.
This project started as a random thing, to have fun and relieve some pressure from my album recording process. It was also an opportunity to experiment around visual ideas for the album artwork.
It turned out way more fun and fruitful than I anticipated. As of today I've got around 50 pieces and many more ideas to explore, with different music gear and different technics.
Today, I put online the "Ghost Notes Series".

Last week, I visited the DVIR Gallery in Paris to see Naama Tsabar's exhibition titled Layers and Foundations. Her work is based on music gear, and that was what got me inspiration to work with my used guitar strings. For the pieces shown in this exhibition, she used strings, duck tape and audio jack cables. The black are solely using layers and layers of black duck tape, which is brilliant, both literally and figuratively. Don't hesitate to check her work, she also makes videos of performances made on her art installations.



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